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Duane Aarts

Club President

1979 Leyland Mini

Loves getting involved in trackdays or any motorsport events.

Member Since 2017


Barry Eggleton

Club Captain

1980 Morris Mini
1990 Rover Mini
1978 Van

Former Presindent for 12 years, Barry has been involved with the club and committee one way or another for many years.

Member Since 1820


Liam Noordanus

Club Secretary

1975 crappy clubman
1977 mini
1976 racecar – Nice Mini ruined by a Honda engine
2020 single mini trailer
2022 double mini trailer

Has more minis than garage space. Not sure if any are actually going right now.

IT and AV Guy for the club

Member Since 2019



Nathan Arthur

Committee Member

1973 Clubman Estate
1963 Morris Mini MK1
1980 Clubman 1275


Longstanding committee member and previous treasurer, Nathan has a couple of other classic hidden away.

Member Since 1980


Matt Stocker

Club Treasurer

2007 Tea Towel

From a family of Mini Owners, Matt is now also our unofficial photographer.
Not sure he knows that yet.

Member Since 2014


Dan Geratty

Committee Member

1976 Trailer Queen
2020 Trailer
2022 E-Mini

The black supercharged mini aka “Trailer Queen”
Dan regularly participates in Trackdays as well as other CCC Motorsports events.
Also has an E MINI in the family fleet

Member Since 2017


Club Membership

Membership gives you access to our club runs, social events and a wealth of knowledge to help you with your mini.

The emphasis in the club is on enjoyment. In some of our events, the competitive spirit does become evident but they are only competitive for those who are that way inclined.

Its all about getting out in your mini.